Nujira raises $20m to fund development of 4G wireless technology

‘Envelope tracking’ product improves energy efficiency of wireless transmitters

A company that develops energy-efficient technology for transmitters used by the telecoms industry has raised $20m in a major new funding round.

Founded in 2002, Nujira claims to be a world leader in ‘envelope tracking’ technology, a system which significantly reduces wasted power usage on 4G wireless transmitters.

Under envelope tracking, wireless transmitters and receivers no longer use a steady supply of power but receive a fluctuating supply of electricity that closely matches the ‘peaks and troughs’ of the wireless signal, resulting in an energy saving of up to 80%.

The latest round will be used as working capital to support the development of its ‘Coolteq’ chips, devices that will integrate envelope tracking into the next generation of smartphones.

It will also be used to open a new design centre in Santa Clara, California, to support the UK-based design team.

The investment follows a previous venture capital round of £5m in 2007, and contains input from all Nujira’s previous backers including Amadeus Capital, Climate Change Capital, Environmental Technologies Fund, SAM Private Equity and NES Partners, in addition to new investors GAM and Investec.

Tim Haynes, chief executive of Nujira, said: “Envelope Tracking will shortly be a standard component in 4G smartphones and tablets, but we aren’t just focused on how ET can be implemented in the latest handsets; we are already working on the next three generations of our ET chips.

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“The company is in a strong position, we have good traction with some world-leading customers and we have a compelling product roadmap.

“The new investment will be important in helping us execute our aggressive growth plans, as we look to take advantage of our position as the leading authority on ET.”


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