Number of new distilleries jumps by 33% as ‘gin-naissance’ grows legs

UK gin sales approached £1bn in 2015 and is now seen as the drink of choice for many younger drinkers

The number of new distilleries in England has grown by 33% in just one year, according to a report by UHY Hacker Young.

The record high saw 28 new distilleries open last year compared to just 24 in 2014.

One particular area of growth was found to be in UK gin sales, which the report highlighted as being worth almost £1bn in 2015 with gin now seen as the drink of choice for many younger drinkers.

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The rising popularity of distilleries follows the success of the UK’s craft beer industry which also saw an increase in the number of new breweries, with 36 opening in the last year alone. You can view our guides on starting a microbrewery here.

James Simmonds, partner at UHY Hacker Young, said of the report:

“Gin in particular has become a staple drink for many younger drinkers across the UK and new distillers are taking advantage of this.

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“This ‘gin-naissance’ has sparked a new craze for gin based drinks and cocktails and many innovative new distillers are experimenting in new and adventurous ways of producing it.”


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  1. I’ve heard about this gin mania, but never figured it out why is this drink so popular…? Is it because it’s widely used in cocktails or due to its relatively low price?