Octopus Investments launches £50m funding round

Opportunity for investors to hold shares in all five Octopus Titan Venture Capital Trust funds

Investment management firm Octopus Investments (Octopus) has launched a £50m funding round offering shares in all five of its Octopus Titan Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) in order to continue its support of early-stage UK businesses.

Octopus formed its range of VCT funds six years ago and has now become one of the largest providers of VCTs in the UK, managing over £3bn funds on behalf of 50,000 investors.

Its new share offering will provide investors with access to its portfolio of high-growth businesses which includes Zoopla Property Group, YPlan and TouchType.

Shareholders will also receive government approved tax benefits which are offered with VCTs as well as the potential of high-level financial returns following a £20m pay-out in dividends through Octopus’ Titan VCTs 1-4 in 2013 so far.

The funding-round will remain open until September 2 2014, or until the £50m target is reached.

Octopus Investments VCT business line manager, Mike Piddock, commented: “The Titan VCTs offer investors a great package – the combination of numerous tax benefits with a portfolio of interesting and exciting British companies.

“This share offering provides an exciting investment opportunity and the chance for investors to become involved in the successful businesses of the future.”

Alex Macpherson, head of ventures team and fund manager of the Titan VCTs, added: “As the economic climate starts to improve, we are really excited about the potential opportunities for our Titan VCT investors as we continue to support the next generation of UK business.”


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