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Office design ideas: Mind Candy HQ

The company behind the Moshi Monsters brand, Mind Candy's private HQ in London might inspire you to incorporate some fun into your office design...

Complete with slide, Mind Candy HQ is all about fun. But you don't have to build a playground in your office to take inspiration from this business…

Cool office design ideas in this workspace

If ever there was an office that could lay claim to the adjective ‘fun’, Mind Candy’s home on Bonhill Street, London, is it.

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the company behind the vibrant, Startups 100-winning children’s brand Moshi Monsters has put a playful spin on its workspace. But Mind Candy has taken this a step further, resulting in what The Telegraph has dubbed Britain’s “coolest office”.

The reception area appears to have been inspired by a treehouse; with leaves dangling from the ceiling, a vibrant green astroturf floor, a giant log-turned-reception desk and a wooden wall and doorway that mimics the entrance to a log cabin.

And this theme isn’t just limited to the reception area, with a meeting room that’s filled with flowers and greenery. Here, staff can meet at a picnic table, complete with gingham tablecloth.

Despite this anti-corporate appearance, it’s impossible to forget which company this all belongs to. Colourful murals dedicated to Mind Candy’s brands – which include Petlandia and World of Warriors as well as Moshi Monsters – adorn numerous walls throughout.

Plush seating in shared areas comes in the form of Moshi Monster-shaped bean bags, and colourful Mind Candy branded products can be found on plenty of shelves and desks. There’s even a wall covered in black and white Moshi Monster illustrations, which staff are encouraged to colour in at their leisure.

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Moshi colouring-in wall! #mindcandy #moshimonsters

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And that’s not the only childhood-reminiscent fun employees are able to have here. As an alternative to the stairs, they can ride a tube slide down to lower floors. In the reception area, they can help themselves to a sugar boost from free sweet dispensers.

How start-ups might benefit from a design like Mind Candy HQ's

The most obvious benefit of an office like Mind Candy’s is that it actively encourages having fun in the workplace. And while, to some, that might sound like slacking off, there’s actually plenty of evidence to suggest that having fun at work can drastically improve employee performance.

For example, a study recently conducted by the Social Market Foundation – at the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy – found that people were an average of 12% more productive when carrying out tasks after doing something fun. In some cases, productivity increased by as much as 20%.

Meanwhile, a report titled Questions and Answers About Fun at Work has reported that, in a survey of 572 HR managers, a strong percentage of agreed that fun workplaces foster better communication, commitment, productivity and customer satisfaction.

It’s not hard to imagine why. By giving employees that chance to have fun, you’re encouraging them to bond and form stronger working relationships with one another. You’re giving them incentives to perform, and showing that you trust them to use the resources responsibly at the same time as proving that you care about their wellbeing and enjoyment.

In a different vein, another benefit of Mind Candy’s office set up is that, from its murals to its Moshi Monster bean bags, it shows pride in its key brands and products. Such displays can foster a similar sense of pride and dedication in staff, keeping them aware of the shared goals and outcomes that their hard work is contributing to.

How to use Mind Candy HQ for your own office inspiration

While Mind Candy’s office design very much reflects the tone of the business and its brands and products, there are plenty of ways in which you can harness the benefits of having fun and visibly taking pride in your offering – even if you’re not a playful children’s brand.

First, try sending a survey around the team and ask them what they’d most like to see for recreational time in the office. For example, you could get them to vote on whether they’d prefer:

  • A sports game like table football or ping pong
  • Video games, such as arcade games or a console with multiplayer games installed
  • Free drinks and snacks dispensers
  • Indoor play apparatus like slides and swings

Try also to think outside the box, and think in terms of your own business. Like Mind Candy’s Moshi Monsters colouring wall, is there a fun, relaxing and creative activity you can relate to your employees’ line of work?

Similarly to Mind Candy, you could also instill a sense of pride in your product or service by ensuring it has a strong presence in your office space. To do this, you could:

  • Have a mural dedicated to your team’s work, your products or your branding put up
  • Decorate the office with your brand colours
  • Put your products on display on their own shelves

You can get creative with this and, again, think outside the box.

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