Office development for creative and tech start-ups is coming to Hackney

The Trampery has partnered with Peabody to launch a 4,500 square metre development to support more than 500 businesses

Workspace provider The Trampery is to launch a shared office development for creative and technology entrepreneurs within a new housing development in Hackney Wick.

With work due to start in Summer 2016, The Trampery will operate 4,500 square metres of the new development – known as Fish Island Village – as a co-workspace and will look to provide more than 500 creative and technology start-ups with place to grow their businesses.

The space will feature desks and office facilities, a “fabrication workshop”, theatre and a bar-restaurant.

On the news, The Trampery founder Charles Armstrong, commented:

“It’s fitting that London should lead the world in pioneering a completely new kind of integrated development designed to support the needs of this community. As one of London’s most creatively vibrant neighbourhoods Hackney Wick is a perfect location.”


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