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Online advertising – an introduction

A guide to the basic principles of having ads on your site

By attracting people to your site who then click onto an advert you can generate a revenue stream for your business. However it's important to take care when doing this or you may damage your business brand with inappropriate adverts.

Introduction to online advertising

Since the beginning of the world wide web businesses realised that placing adverts onto popular websites could be a way of making additional money and increasing the awareness of a brand or product.

Careful online advertising can help your business make money. Depending on how you implement the advertising you may need to have a reasonable technical infrastructure to back up the advertising system, or you may be able to do it for next to nothing by relying on a website provider to do the work for you.

Advertising online

In a small business we all look for ways of generating an income. One such way is the placing of adverts on your website which provide a “click through” capability. This means that someone visiting your website finds a product or company of interest, clicks on the screen and gets put through to the provider's website.

Some website providers and hosting companies will often offer you cheap web hosting or other services if you agree to have adverts on your site.

Should I host online adverts?

For a small business the chances of you building a massively popular site that will attract the quantity and quality of visitors you need to support decent advertising revenues are very slight.

If a service provider offers you a cheaper web site hosting deal if you agree to support advertising think long and hard about the offer. You will have little if any control on the adverts that will end up irritating your users and customers and probably damaging your brand. It would probably be preferable to pay extra and have an advert free site that you have full control of.


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