Opportunity for Welsh entrepreneurs to purchase ‘gold’ Bio-Rite territory

Infection control franchise is looking for budding franchisees to operate its South Wales area covering Cardiff, Monmouth and Swansea...

Healthcare-related infection control chain Bio-Rite is looking for an aspiring franchisee to take control of its South Wales territory, which includes Cardiff, Monmouth and Swansea.

Described as a ‘gold’ area, Bio-Rite has said that budding entrepreneurs can capitalise from the territory’s established client base and says the site currently generates annual turnover of more than £80,000.

Operating the sector for more than 40 years, Bio-Rite franchise offers a number of services such as community care equipment decontamination service, a hydrogen peroxide decontamination chamber and an outsourced area decontamination service.

Full training and all the necessary equipment is provided as part of the franchise package in addition to membership of the Infection Prevention Society (IPS) with “room for further development for an enthusiastic franchisee”.

Alan Wright, managing director of Bio-Rite, said:

“As well as being a real business with a ready market, a Bio-Rite franchise enables franchisees to offer our leading-edge range of solutions and services to ensure an infection-free healthcare environment for the benefit of vulnerable patients, making a difference to lives on a daily basis.”


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