OSCAR Pet Foods Limited

UK's largest pet food home delivery franchise with an unrivalled level of service and brand loyalty

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Franchise name:
OSCAR Pet Foods LimitedOSCAR.strap.franchise
Franchise synopsis: 
The UK's largest pet food home delivery franchise. OSCAR offers a national network of local nutritional advisors, coupled with a comprehensive range of products, to suit all breeds and lifestyles with an unrivalled level of service.

OSCAR pet foods are competitively priced, highly nutritious and tasty, made from the finest human grade wholesome ingredients which are traceable and for the most part, locally sourced.Advice from experts in nutrition and behaviour, with veterinary backup, will enable you to provide a very personal and professional complete pet care service. Loyal customers appreciate the benefits and ensure repeat business, along with recommendations and referrals to their family and friends.

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