Outsourcing your SEO

Deciding if you need outside help and how to choose a consultant

Search engine optimisation is a broad and complicated field. When starting out, many business don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to implement an effective SEO strategy, but it is important to have a basic understanding of the area. Lay out your goals, and evaluate your company’s budget and capacity, to assess whether you can handle SEO internally. If this is not something your business has the means for, you should start to look for an agency to help you.

Be careful when choosing an SEO agency. Many companies will promise you page one results, but be wary of those that do as it’s not possible to guarantee this.

A reliable SEO agency should have a solid reputation. You first point of call is to ask for references from other clients of the agency. Another way to check an agency’s reputation is via social media. Do some research and check Facebook or Twitter to view comments and testimonials from past clients. A good industry presence is another obvious way to assess an SEO agency. They should also be able to demonstrate the results they have achieved with previous clients.

It’s wise to pick an agency that has handled companies of your size before, and who have dealt with similar industries. Look at its previous experience and then talk to the agency, preferably face-to-face. It is important you discuss with them exactly what your aims are and make sure you fully understand what changes they intend to make to your site. It is paramount that you are happy with any suggestions before work begins.

Questions to ask an SEO agency:

  • What companies have you worked with before?
  • What results did you achieve for those companies?
  • Can I see some references from previous clients?
  • Can we meet in person to discuss?
  • What changes do you think you’ll need to make to my website?


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