Over 3,000 freelancers petition for European movement to support self-employed

Independent workers from across Europe sign ‘Freelancers’ Manifesto’

Thousands of freelancers have this week signed an online petition calling on the new European parliament to support the “rising number” of self-employed.

Led by the European Freelancers Campaign, so far, 3,600 Independent professionals (iPros) from countries across Europe including the UK, Croatia, Italy and Germany, have signed the ‘Freelancers’ Manifesto’; which outlines a need for parliament to “recognise the contribution [freelancers] make to economies” and help their sector of the labour market.

With a mission statement that European parliament should “Give us [freelancers] access! Count us! Give us a voice! Treat us fairly!”, key areas of the manifesto include freelancers being giving official status, being included in official statistics, having access to all government services, and being paid on time.

The movement builds upon recent statistics which show the number of people choosing to go self-employed rose by as much as 93% in some European countries in 2013.

It also follows findings from Professor John Kitching of Kingston University, published in November 2013, which reported that 1.72 million freelancers were operating in the UK; contributing £95bn to the economy.

Campaign founder, Joel Dullroy, said:

“With thousands of freelancers from across Europe signing up to support this movement, this sends a clear message to the new European Parliament that they must do more for this important and flourishing sector.”

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Andy Chamberlain, spokesman for the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP), continued:

“Improving access to training and services and better regulation that specifically considers the unique needs of independent professionals are just some of the ways the new EU parliament can support freelancers.

With 10,000 signatures needed for the movement to reach its goal, Chamberlain added:

“There is still time for independent professionals to support the Movement and we urge freelancers from across Europe to sign the manifesto to ensure their voices continue to be heard loud and clear in the new EU Parliament.”

View the full Freelancers’ Manifesto here.


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