Pave It UK seeks franchisees

Patio and driveway specialists aim to expand nationally

Scottish blockpaving business Pave It UK has announced it is seeking to expand nationwide through franchising.

The Blairgowrie, Perthshire company is working with The Franchise Doctors to find potential franchisees to carry on the firm’s 18-year reputation for installing driveways, patios and paths to key regions across the UK.

“Expansion seemed like the obvious route to take, but with customer satisfaction playing such an important role in our success so far we did not want to have to compromise on the quality of service we offered if we were to expand the business,” said Rodger Smith, managing director of Pave It UK.

“Franchising provides the perfect solution to avoid this, and, with the expert support that The Franchise Doctors provide all new franchisees we feel confident that the business and all its franchises will enjoy a successful future.”

The company is seeking potential franchisees who have experience in a managerial role and a proven, successful track record in business, he added.

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