The website and smartphone app enabling customers to use gyms on a discounted, 'pay-as-you-go' basis

Founders: Jamie Ward, Mike Blake, Neil Harmsworth
Launched: January 2011

Until recently, anyone hoping to use a gym had very little choice but to sign up for a year’s membership, paying anything from £50 to £150 a month regardless of how many times they used the facilities (or whether they used them at all).

PayasUgym is working to change this. Founders Jamie Ward, Mike Blake and Neil Harmsworth have negotiated deals with some of London’s top fitness centres, enabling users to buy discounted ‘pay-as-you-go’ passes for their facilities – with no memberships, fees or inductions to speak of.

Not only is the offering ideal for scores of fair-weather gym goers, it is also proving compelling for people who, like the co-founders, travel for business, as well as those who are simply reluctant to make financial commitments in this age of economic uncertainty. Meanwhile, it offers gyms a “new, risk-free revenue channel”.

Launched in January off the back of angel investment, payasUgym is already working with more than 150 London gyms, with plans to expand into other UK cities in 2012.


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