Phony pub training firm shut down

Bogus business conned thousands from potential publicans

A bogus pub training business which conned wannabe licensees out of thousands of pounds has been closed down by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Tudor Inns Ltd, based in West Yorkshire, charged fees of between £4,000 and £5,000 in return for training in how to run a pub.

Around 60 aspiring publicans from around the UK took up the offer and handed over cash.

The applicants were told they could chose which pub they would like to manage.

They were shown lists of the available establishments and given the option of specifying which type of bar they were interested in.

But in reality the training was poor and the promised pub often failed to materialise. Some people were given a business to run but many were far below the standard expected. Several had even been closed down after drug busts.

Shutting down the company, DTI investigators ruled that Tudor Inns had made misleading statements in their training contracts by promising a placement after completed training.

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It also said the company had failed to maintain or preserve adequate accounting records.

The business was ‘officially wound up in the public interest’, the DTI said.


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