Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins on being upfront with customers [Video]

As long as you show customers what they are getting for their money, you shouldn't have problems, says millionaire plumber, Charlie Mullins

Speaking to Startups in this video, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins explains how the company’s transparent pricing system has yielded dividends for London’s largest independent plumbing company.

“We’ve always given our prices out from day one – when a customer rings up to book a job, we tell them what our charges are,” says Mullins. “And if a plumber turns up to the job and she wants an estimate, he needs to give an estimate before he starts the job.”

The millionaire plumber explains that this commitment to transparency, in the context of a notoriously opaque industry, has stood Pimlico Plumbers in good stead in the eyes of customers. “By being upfront, people are aware of what they have to pay,” he explains. “People respect that. The public are not idiots – they spend money with someone, they want value for money.”

The trades business’ commitment to transparency is such that its website carries an easy-to-understand page listing all the charges for specific jobs. “We introduced it maybe five years ago,” Mullins recalls, “and it’s been a great thing.”

Indeed, Mullins is of the opinion that this practice should become industry standard by being ratified into law. “Everybody should be transparent – in any business,” Mullins opines. “Transparency is a great way to run a business.”

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