Pitman Training

Discover the opportunities to be earned from a Pitman Training franchise

Pitman shorthand has revolutionised office communications since 1837 and today the revolutionary spirit lives on.

A Business Superbrand Pitman Training provides exceptional centre-based office and IT training for thousands of people every year throughout the UK and overseas.

Quality is at the heart of the Pitman Training experience and the strength of the Pitman brand is unrivalled in the sector. We also truly meet customer needs, which gives us a genuine competitive advantage. It’s why we’ve grown during the recession and why we’re searching for more talented and ambitious franchise owners.

We call our offer The Pitman Advantage and if you’ve got the right blend of skills, drive and determination we’d love to hear from you.

Why Pitman Training?

If you are a people-person as well as business person, owning and running a Pitman Training centre could give you a satisfying and rewarding life.

Running your own business is always challenging, but over the past 20 years, we’ve developed a winning formula comprising the following:

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• brand leader in our market
• financial stability – growth through the recession, within a franchise established for 20 years
• proven business model – 100+ franchises in the UK and worldwide
• unique offer – flexible, in tune with today’s needs
• growing market – IT is fast moving, creating continuous demand
• multi-sector – private consumers, business and public sector • sophisticated business management systems and marketing support

Clients and Market

The Pitman Training experience is built around student needs and has been developed using a combination of experience and research.

Facts and Figures

• 75% of our students are female
• Many are mothers returning to work, women who want to change careers or get a better job
• Most come to us due to the strength of our brand
• Our clients are busy, demanding and need a flexible solution that fits around their lives and family commitments
• They have clear motivations for training, which we understand
• We are the only training provider to have a national network of centres in handy, central locations

Training and Support

• Franchise Development Management Support
• One week ‘immersion’ programme for new franchise owners
• On-going national marketing campaigns
• Full sales and marketing training
• Templates for local marketing activities with franchisor support
• Sophisticated CRM system to help you manage your business and maximise sales
• Intensive product training

Available Opportunities

The Pitman Training network covers the entire UK and extends into countries around the world. The sheer breadth of our coverage means that there will always be opportunities for people who can bring commitment to the business.

New territories continue to be available and the scope to join the Pitman Training experience is further extended by re-sale opportunities.

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