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A Pitney Bowes franking machine is sure to be one of the most useful and cost-saving devices your business could get. Though they may not be considered one of the most exciting pieces of office equipment, small business franking machines are an excellent option in any business where sending mail, packages or material is a regular activity.

Pitney Bowes is an American company founded in 1920, and offering a range of products and services. Franking machines are among their most popular products. They employ around 15,000 staff globally and distribute their franking machines to small, medium and large businesses in a huge number of countries.

The information on this page should help you to understand more about the range of franking machine options available from Pitney Bowes, with products and services included.

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Pitney Bowes franking machine models

Having been active in the franking machine market since 1920, Pitney Bowes can offer one of the most comprehensive and functional options for modern business users in need of franking tools and services.

As well as providing products and top-of-the-line franking machine models, Pitney Bowes also offer ink and other accessories. Services and maintenance are also included as part of most contracts to ensure that your business can keep franking at all times.

In this section, we have pulled together information about some of the franking machines that Pitney Bowes offer. We have included price and a small amount of review to help you to understand which option is most suitable.

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The Pitney Bowes franking machines included on this page are in the table below:

Franking Machine Features Benefit Cost
Pitney Bowes DM50 Entry-level device able to frank 20 letters a minute. Great for small businesses. £1,020
Pitney Bowes DM100 Small and efficient device capable of franking 20-40 letters a minute. Great for small businesses. £600+ for a used machine
Pitney Bowes P720 Discontinued but still available from some suppliers. Great for small to medium businesses. £2,000+ for a brand new machine

Pitney Bowes DM50

Pitney Bowes DM50 franking machine
Pitney Bowes’ DM50 franking machine is an excellent option for small businesses. Though it may not necessarily be considered ‘cheap’, at just over £1,000, this option is lower-budget than many others. Additionally, even small businesses will save enough money over time to justify any initial expenditure.

The DM50 franking machine is the perfect choice for a business new to franking – it does not offer the industrial volume or output available with some larger, more expensive models, but does provide functionality that is suitable for most small businesses.

The Pitney Bowes’ DM50 franking machine can process items at a speed of around 20 letter per minute, meaning that most projects can be completed in as little as an hour. As well as this excellent speed, the machine also includes auto-data advanced features, franking the next day’s date to save time.

The DM50 includes a built-in 2.5kg weighing scale, which rivals those used in entry-level machines from other suppliers too. Additionally, the DM50 is password protected to ensure that only those with access can make use of this equipment.

Pitney Bowes DM50 specs:

  • Letters per minute: 20
  • Cost: £1,020

Pitney Bowes P720

Pitney Bowes P720
Pitney Bowes P720 franking machine was a popular option, but has been discontinued in recent years to put more priority and time into the machines still being manufactured.

Though they are no longer creating new P720s, it is still possible for businesses to purchase them or lease them from some UK suppliers. Many of these P720s are brand new and in full working order, with others available second-hand.

The P720 works with many of the same accessories as other Pitney Bowes franking machines, so there is not any huge risk of your machine becoming totally redundant yet. If you already own a P720 and want to move on to a new model, then the options above or below may be worth considering; if you do not have a machine already, then the Pitney Bowes P720 is still a worthwhile option.

Pitney Bowes P720 specs:

  • Letters per minute: NA
  • Cost: £2,250 (brand new)

Pitney Bowes DM100

Pitney Bowes DM100i
Pitney Bowes’ DM100 franking machine is another excellent option for small to medium businesses.

Available from around £600 for a reconditioned model, the DM100 puts out between 25 and 35 letters a minute, with similar features built into it to provide automated time stamping. If your business spends £100 or more on post each month, then this model is likely to save you money relatively quickly.

The Pitney Bowes DM100 is easy-to-use, efficient and even offers advanced features that allow you to print slogans and branding onto mail as you send it out. Like the DM50, Pitney Bowes’ DM100 is an excellent choice for small businesses with limited experience in franking.

Pitney Bowes DM100 specs:

  • Letters per minute: 20-35
  • Cost: £2,250 (brand new)

Pitney Bowes ink cartridge

A Pitney Bowes ink cartridge is essential for the operation of your franking machine; it perhaps goes without saying but, without this vital accessory, your machine simply will not be able to work.

Similarly to modern printers, franking machines are able to print – or frank – in a range of colours and tones, depending on your requirements. Some of these colours will be specifically suited to different franking options, with others being more useful when businesses need to customise their mailing material with personalised company slogans or branding.

As you might expect, it is important to make sure that you purchase the correct Pitney Bowes ink cartridge – some options will only work with specific models, with different sizes and styles available. Ensuring that you have the correct ink is vital if you want your machine to operate as effectively as possible.

Depending on what you need, you could pay anything from £50 to £300 for Pitney Bowes ink. Most of the more expensive options will last longer, as you might expect, meaning that often it makes sense to purchase more in the first place.

Speaking with your Pitney Bowes franking machine supplier is best way to ensure that you have the right ink, in the right quantity – the small section below provides a little information about Pitney Bowes dealers and what you should expect from them.

Pitney Bowes dealers

Pitney Bowes dealers operate in the UK to ensure that businesses can fulfill their franking needs quickly and easily.

As you would expect, the first main function of a Pitney Bowes dealer is to supply businesses of every size with the equipment they need. This equipment includes everything that you might need to operate your machine, from:

  • The franking machine itself
  • Franking machine ink cartridges
  • Envelopes
  • Mailing accessories

As well as the equipment included in the list above, Pitney Bowes dealers will also be able to provide you with extra tools to help with franking. If you need to speed up your franking processes, for example, or increase the size allowance for printing, then a dealer can help to set you up correctly.

As well as dealing with your general supplier needs, most Pitney Bowes dealers will also provide servicing and maintenance to ensure that your machine works effectively. Generally you will sign an agreement with your supplier when you first purchase or lease your franking machine; this agreement will cover things like insurance, repairs and customer service.

The main thing to remember is that, with so many customers and such a huge reputation, Pitney Bowes are sure to be able to match your needs, whatever they are.

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The information on this page should help you to understand what options are available from Pitney Bowes. With so many products and services to choose between, it is more than possible for you to complete all of your franking machine tasks just by working with this single supplier.

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