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The tailor-made cycle scheme, helping businesses to promote two wheels over four

Founders: Ry Morgan (right) and Anthony Ganjou
Launched: October 2011

It's not often that your employer becomes your business partner – even rarer if you were only an intern in the first place. But that's exactly what happened to 23-year-old graduate entrepreneur Ry Morgan when he teamed up with CURB Media founder Anthony Ganjou to launch Please Cycle.

The corporate cycling business aims to incentivise sustainable commuting by working with companies to produce tailor-made cycle-to-work portals for their employees. Please Cycle also offers an innovative incentive scheme, built around its groundbreaking ‘BikeMiles' initiative.

By logging on to their company's ‘Cycle Hub' or recording the time spent cycling to work through a specially-designed app, employees can earn discounts and rewards such as cheaper coffee at local cafes, lower health insurance premiums, free holiday time or charitable donations made by their employer.

With 5,000 BikeMiles logged in the first three weeks after launch, the co-founders' vision is to reach a billion BikeMiles by 2020.


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