Poor condition of commercial vans losing small firms custom

Vans in better up-keep with clear logos proving important in consumers’ decision making

The condition of your van or commercial vehicle “significantly” impacts upon the likelihood of securing work and new clients, research commissioned by van specialist Vanarama has reported today.

In the findings, which surveyed two thousand consumers, 63% said the condition of a tradesman’s vehicle would influence their decision to use them and give them confidence in their ability to get the job done, with 69% of Londoners stating this as a concern.

The age of a tradesman’s vehicle was equally important with 49% highlighting this as key to business integrity as well as a clearly visible company logo on the vehicle.

The appearance and skills of tradesmen themselves also listed highly in consumer opinion with 93% stating that evidence of certified technical qualifications was essential in addition to wearing proper attire when visiting the property.

Andy Alderson, managing director of Vanarama, commented on the findings: “Our research reinforces what many of us already know – first impressions count. “But we think some tradesmen may not realise just how influential their works vehicle is in them being able to get work.”

He continued: “We instinctively knew that a van in poor condition could create the wrong impression about a tradesman, potentially impacting on the amount of work received, the price charged and ultimately their business reputation.

“Our recent research of consumer perceptions not only confirmed this but crystallised just how important a tradesman’s vehicle is in winning new customers.”


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