Powered Now

The all-in-one accountancy app for the trade industry

Founders: Chris Barling and Benjamin Dyer
April 2013

The idea for Startups 100 2013 listed company Powered Now came to founders Chris Barling and Benjamin Dyer when they realised that those working in the trade industry had no workable accountancy solutions tailored to them; an inkjet printer and Microsoft Excel might be enough for a home-based consultancy business, but it’s a decidedly less optimal solution for plumbers, electricians and builders.

In response to this, the pair utilised their considerable knowledge of the trade sector to create the Powered Now app; a fully portable, accountancy solution that allows tradespeople to create invoices and file accounts on-the-fly, without the need for a cumbersome multi-stage process or desktop PC.

Despite spending almost nothing on marketing, Powered Now already has more than 300 tradespeople signed up to its monthly subscription model, and expects to grow revenues to almost £400,000 next year. The app is gaining traction amongst tech insiders as well – Powered Now recently won the Best App award at the prestigious Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

Launched with £150,000 savings, Powered Now’s founders are now on the lookout for external investment to ramp up the commercial side of the business – and with untold thousands of tradespeople in the UK who could potentially benefit from the app, 2014 promises to be a good year.


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