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The coolest workspaces to inspire your small office design

Looking for modern office design ideas? We’ve taken a look at some of the most unique offices from around the world and explored how you might recreate their designs...

Imagine you’re walking into a typical British office space. What do you see?

You’d be forgiven for envisaging dull synthetic carpets, plastic-topped desks and tubular fluorescent lighting straight off the bat. After all, this nondescript picture is the typical office design that many of us have grown used to: functional but bland.

However, recent years have seen this modern office design trend reverse.

In 2018, interest in employee wellbeing is at an all time high – with a sharpening focus on what businesses can do for their employees rather than the other way around – and the correlation between an attractive, stimulating office environment and staff happiness is well-documented.

Alongside this, “cool” office spaces also provide an impressive, memorable place to meet with investors and clients, and – if your office design is cool enough – it might even attract publicity and social media attention, meaning more PR for your business.

It’s no surprise, then, that an ever-growing number of UK coworking spaces are prioritising modern and fun design – and making it a key tenet of their offering to start-ups and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, big businesses are increasingly looking to personalise their own offices in unique ways.

In this feature, we’ve collated five of the coolest and most unusual office designs to be found across the globe:

For each of these amazing workspaces, we've explored the cool office design ideas each presents, the benefits start-ups, entrepreneurs and employees might reap from these features, and the ways you can use the workspace for your own office inspiration.

From coworking sites to private offices, beachfronts to treehouses to in-house slides, these workspaces have a lot to teach us about what an office can look like.

So, if your small business is about to move into its own office or if you’re looking to refurbish the one you already have, read on for some unique and creative small office design inspiration. Click the bullet points above or follow the ‘Next' buttons to get started!