Presence Aware Tech

The company helping marketers understand real-world consumer behaviour

Founders: Thomas Sheppard and Alan Graham
Launched: July 2013

Analytics start-up Presence Aware Tech’s flagship product Presence Orb is at once appealingly simple and extremely complex. Founders Thomas Sheppard and Alan Graham say their goal is to “deliver wisdom from crowds” and give bricks-and-mortar retailers the sort of analytics that have been available for some time in the online world.

Through passively detecting the anonymous signals transmitted by many smartphones, Presence Orb provides an in-depth analysis of how a brand or premises are being utilised. By combining and aggregating these analytics between locations, the young company can provide unrivalled insight into shopper behaviours, as well as anonymously gathering consumer loyalty and, through their network of connected locations, the shopper’s route to store.

Launched in July, businesses are already cottoning on to Presence Orb’s potential; with five companies signed up in November alone, the North Yorkshire-based start-up is currently in discussions with multinational corporations in the UK, USA and China as well as ‘one of the top three global brands’.

The founders claim Presence Orb has the potential to expand well beyond marketing, with bracelets securing the locations of elderly individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s just one potential alternative use of the technology. Presence Aware Tech will begin generating revenue next year, with profitability expected in the second quarter; all the signs are in place to suggest this disruptive technology is one to look out for.


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