Printers causing ‘hidden costs’ for business

Smart printing could lead to 'huge savings'

Business owners could make ‘huge savings’ by analysing how much money is being spent on printing and taking steps to make usage more efficient, a new report says.

The research, commissioned by print specialists Ricoh, suggests over two thirds of business owners are oblivious to how much they spend on printing.

“Businesses need to stop classing print costs as ‘lost money’. A thorough analysis of their expenditure on print will enable businesses to recognise where huge savings can be made,” said Chas Moloney, associate director of marketing at Ricoh.

Over a third of companies said that the most difficult print cost to quantify was the cost of consumables such as toner and ink, closely followed by the costs associated with printer downtime.

Printing costs form between one and three per cent of a company’s annual turnover, making it a pressing issue for businesses of all sizes, the report says.

“Simple steps such as deploying print software to route print jobs to the most effective printer can dramatically reduce print expenditure. These steps need to be taken now so that 2007 forecasts can be accurate and realistic,” Moloney added.

However, it is not only the cost of consumables and energy that make printers expensive. A separate survey by Samsung Electronics revealed that employees are spending up to 7 hours a week fixing IT problems, which translates into a loss of £1.7 bn for UK businesses.

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A quarter of respondents named printers as products they spend most time trying to fix.

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