Printing awareness ‘could save money’

Small businesses could be saving substantial amounts of money by keeping an eye on the amount of printing taking place, new research suggests.

The study by Dell found that over three quarters of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK, France and Germany are unaware of the costs of running printers in their organisations.

Furthermore, only 42% of respondents were aware of how many printers were in their organisation, 90% have no restrictions on printing, and only 22% monitor staff printer usage.

Dion Smith, imaging sales manager, Dell UK and Ireland, commented:

“Our research has revealed that if the printer purchasing decision makers are able to identify the costs of printing infrastructure in their individual organisations, small and medium-sized businesses have huge potential to save money on their printing costs.

“When considering business print costs, organisations need to take into account the total cost of printing – from the cost of actually buying the hardware, to the paper and ink or toner usage and the cost of associated services.”

However, small firms are benefiting from increased use of networked printers, used in 82% of businesses, according to Smith.

“It is indeed encouraging to see that three quarters of all printers in small and medium-sized businesses are networked as this provides considerable savings to both the environment and the total cost of printing by significantly cutting energy costs,” he said.

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