Opportunities to partner with Europe’s largest provider of live-in care solutions

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Franchise name: Promedica24
Franchise synopsis: Make a profit & a difference with Promedica24 live-in care and companionship.

Promedica24 is Europe’s largest provider of specialist live-in care. We offer 24 hour live-in care as a genuine alternative to residential care homes.

We think it’s wrong that a six-figure investment often prevents people with a passion for care from owning a care franchise. Our unique model breaks down these barriers and presents an opportunity like no other:

• Home-based: no rent or rates to worry about
• Low investment level of just £15k
• Minimal working capital required: start with as little as £5k
• No staff costs, regulatory fees or insurance premiums
• Current network turnover in the UK is £4 million
• Average contract value for UK clients is £750 per week
• All this PLUS make a real difference in people’s lives

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