secures £1.5m seed funding for artificial intelligence engine

Cambridge-based start-up has created io bots which can learn and adapt to changing environments

Cambridge-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up has closed a £1.5m seed round backed by Passion Capital, Amadeus Capital and Singapore’s Infacomm Investments.

Founded by Vishal Chatrath – who sold his AI company VocalIQ to Apple last year – alongside Dr Dongho Kim and Aleksi Tukiainen, is building self-learning, tunable and autonomous bots which it claims will massively improve the quality and development speed of AI decision making systems.

The company is initially focusing on the gaming industry where its technology is set to enable more natural in game behaviour and decision making from non-player characters (NPCs) through AI. For instance, NPCs will act much more naturally in an environment being destroyed in a video game gun battle.

The business will also be targeting autonomous vehicles such as driverless cars and drones. Using PROWLER’s technology, an autonomous vehicle can deal more intelligently with changing road and traffic conditions around it.

On the potential of, Chatrath commented: “Gaming is a $100bn industry which is still reliant on hugely complex, inflexible and expensive hand-made decision rules. As well as being extremely labour-intensive to build, they also deliver a substandard experience for gamers: NPCs don’t evolve as the game environment changes, for example.

“With so many games now relying on extended playing time to generate revenue, it’s more important than ever for developers that games don’t become boring or repetitive. Sophisticated AI and machine learning is the best way to create and deliver that experience, and can reduce cost at the same time. It’s a win-win.”

Eileen Burbidge, partner at Passion Capital, added:

“We invested in because we see near limitless use cases for next-generation machine and reinforcement learning to revolutionise industries. From smart city infrastructure to agriculture to drones, in the very near future powerful artificial intelligence is going to change the world we live in for the better.”


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