Raspberry Pi Foundation

The charity producing basic micro-computers to inspire and educate the next generation of programmers

Founders: Eben Upton, Jack Lang, Robert Mullins, David Braben, Alan Mycroft, Pete Lomas
Launched: February 2012
Website: www.raspberrypi.org

There is a sense of enthusiasm and excitement surrounding Raspberry Pi. An antidote to iPads and hand-holding operating systems, Raspberry Pi has designed and licensed a micro-computer, which can be bought for just a few pounds, specifically to teach children the rudiments of computing and programming.

The credit-card sized computer (which plugs into a TV and a keyboard) was born after the co-founders, interviewing applicants for the Computer Science Tripos at Cambridge University, realised that children no longer have machines like the BBC Micro or ZX Spectrum on which they can learn to code.

Impressively, the charity has managed to hit its price target of $35 per device. Their Model A (differing from the original Model B due to having only one USB slot and no Ethernet – therefore lower power requirements) has entered production and will soon be available for as little as $25.

With hardware being distributed by two partners, the company will start developing educational materials around the device in the near future.


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