Real-time mobile targeting

With the continual evolution of smartphones, 2014 will see mobile technology take new forms as it becomes a central tool for business’ marketing and advertising strategies

“64% of UK mobile users now own a smartphone and with these devices come new opportunities for retailers to engage consumers with more than just a new way to pay for goods”

With independent small businesses always on the look-out for other channels to interact and engage with customers, 2014 will see the mobile phone truly arrive as a marketing tool and source of relevant data about consumers.

Avoidance-enabling technology has developed and it’s now easier for people to ignore emails or sales calls but targeting customers via their mobile, in a way which appears to reward them for accessing your store or using your services, promises a key advertising opportunity.

How it works

Using real-time location-based technology via an app or solution downloaded onto a person’s phone, it recognises when a user is in or around the vicinity of a specific store or supermarket and can then send targeted advertising campaigns, promotions and offers to their mobile as they shop.

Businesses are provided with a good marketing prospect and customers are rewarded for visiting the store and are more likely to visit again. What’s more, using this technology, retailers are able to access and extract key data and information about their consumers to inform their strategy.

One business set to launch next month, aptly-named Reward Technology, will operate a real-time mobile targeting service allowing users to receive loyalty reward and discounts each time they enter certain stores that it has a data-sharing agreement with.

Roy Blanga, UK managing director at Groupon:

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“Mobile commerce revenue is expected to reach €19.2 billion in Europe by 2017. With the continuous rise of the mobile customer, I predict that real-time, location-based mobile targeting will be a major tech trend for small and medium-sized business in 2014, as physical and digital worlds continue to converge.

“Central to this will be the development of predictive apps that can detect consumers’ locations and reach them on the move ensuring they get the same level of service with digital. For example, if customers immediately receive information, offers and deals to their mobile devices when they are in the vicinity, they will be encouraged to visit and buy from local businesses.

“The likes of Debenhams have already embraced this, but there is real opportunity for smaller, local businesses to adopt a similar sales and marketing channel, as part of their business model to remain competitive and profitable, while boost footfall on the high street. This will create a new marketing ecosystem that transforms traditional ‘spray and pray’ promotional campaigns.”

Andrew Smith, co-founder and CTO at CloudZync:

“The biggest trend in 2014 is actually going to be something that has consistently evolved how we go about our daily lives for the last decade: the mobile phone. More specifically, 2014 is set to be the year that businesses start to look at smartphones as more than just a way to make payments – one of the big trends from the last year – and actually use the computer in most consumers’ pockets to understand and engage their customer better.

“Figures from comScore estimate 64% of UK mobile users now own a smartphone and with these devices come new opportunities for retailers to engage consumers with more than just a new way to pay for goods, but adding value for the user outside of the retail environment – by bringing all of their loyalty schemes and offers together and making them accessible via a single dashboard they can carry in their pocket.”


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