Recognition Express Limited

The UK's leading business-to-business franchise opportunity in supplying and manufacturing promotional products

Recognition express

Franchise name: Recognition Express Limited
Franchise synopsis: The most successful B2B franchise in the UK


With over 30 years in business, successful annual growth, a Franchisor of the Year Award, renowned expertise in centralised marketing programmes, a strong brand, and wide product range – Recognition Express holds multiple income streams.

Recognition Express are the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of corporate and personalised promotional products to businesses in our arena, trading in a marketplace in excess of £3bn per annum.

The company needs people who will build relationships, communicate well and work hard – who have real ambition to successfully run a B2B operation. With ongoing delivery at a high standard the benefits include, 3 weeks initial training, lifetime refresher training, centralised marketing systems, marketing launch programme, and a full range of samples and collateral.

Recognition Express is a true business-to-business franchise opportunity for those people who are looking for a proven and successful management franchise.

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