The founders of the online recruitment agency on what sets their business apart

Based: In the cloud
Clients: 961

Who are you?

Jamie Mistlin, co-founder and director of

What do you do?

Back in 2005, pioneered a “first-to-market” online recruitment agency concept enabling companies of all sizes to secure their new recruit before paying a fixed low hire fee.

You could say that we’re the closest thing online to the high street recruitment agency minus the silly fees and spin. If you imagine a best of both worlds hybrid, it’s us!

What does that mean in practice?

We provide companies with an alternative to risky “pay and pray” adverts and expensive agencies. We offer all the best bits of the traditional agency – no upfront cost, application filtering, and a personal service – with the benefits of being online – fast, far-reaching, cost-effective and accessible at all hours.

Our unique online solution also rivals independent advertising solutions. DIY job advertising is something of an “open cheque book” approach to recruiting where you really have no idea if you’ll receive viable applications let alone make a successful hire.

Imagine the scenario: You post a job; you hope that your advert in the local newspaper or online job board will generate your dream candidate.  Fast forward four weeks: your position is still open and you need to throw more money at advertising. Because there are no guarantees, this method has the potential to become expensive, requiring you to pay more than we charge to fill the role.

Building a website for your business idea is easier than you might think. Our online tool ranks the top website builders that offer free trials.

Like using us, with the traditional process of utilising a recruitment agency, you know exactly how much the new recruit will cost at the end of the process. Unfortunately, a traditional agency will be expensive, requiring you to pay up to 20% of the recruit’s salary. Whilst the agency carries all the job advertising and administrative costs (screening CVs and arranging interviews) we have shown companies that we can offer the same service and achieve the same result at a fraction of the price through operating a more streamlined online model.

What size company suits you?

We love working with companies of all sizes from 2-20,000 employees. We afford each client and every role the same great service.

Why should I care?

Because you, like the rest of us, are always looking for a result at the best possible price!

We estimate that since 2005 we’ve saved companies in excess of £5m in recruitment fees compared with using traditional recruitment agencies.

What can you do for me that I can’t do for myself?

We can get your vacancy across multi-channels within an hour of a new instruction. Our online reach stands at over 1800 generalist, niche, affiliate and local job sites. We also have access to five of the biggest online candidate databases which we can dip into to reach those hard-to-find candidates. To access the quantity of candidates that we deal with daily, it would be your full time job and would cost you a fortune to advertise directly.

When applications come through to us, we filter out the inappropriate, unsuitable and unviable candidates. We screen out in the region of 60% of applications and upload the best ones to your online management system (which we provide you with).

Our online management system is probably our most powerful attribute. We’ve spent years developing a specialised bespoke recruitment management system designed to reduce time and enhance the process for all stakeholders. Applications are stored centrally and shared with your colleagues. Candidates can be contacted and invited for interview at the press of a button and it’s accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world. You’d have to be pretty organised with your filing and contacts system, super-speedy with your texting and take your briefcase on holiday to even attempt to rival our systems!

What mistakes will you stop me from making?

We’ll stop you wasting valuable budget on poor performing job adverts and having to suffer horrendous recruitment agency fees.

Can you give me an example of the work you’ve done?

We could tell you about the big name brands that use us to find some senior key people, but we’ll concentrate on one of the hundreds of small and medium-sized firms that we’ve helped grow through connecting them with the people they need.

One of our clients, a fast growing web-brand, heavily backed by Europe’s leading VC and some internet gurus, turned to us after frustrations with existing recruitment solutions. In under a year, we’ve demonstrated our diversity and have connected them with over 20 new employees including: an online customer support agent, a payment specialist, an HR manager, a lead technical architect and an online community VP.

We filled each of these roles for just £575+VAT at a speed no-one else could rival.

Why should I trust you?

We created a new recruitment model in 2005. Since then we’ve become a trusted supplier to over 900 great companies without a single sales call. This is testament to our reputation for delivering a fast, friendly and effective service at a revolutionary cost.

We pride ourselves on our organic growth, having developed and nurtured relationships with hundreds of small firms as well as much larger companies. We value all of our clients and reward them for referring our services to others. We have long-standing relationships with many blue chip and popular brands including Morrisons supermarkets, LivingSocial and Talk Talk.

We’re recognised in the industry for being a first to market and trusted company. We’re also a member of the industry body (The REC).

What will it cost me?

We work on a “Risk and Reward” model across our three tariffs. If you can give us most commitment you can fill your next role (any role) for just £575 + VAT with no upfront charges. We do offer alternative pricing models if you prefer to work with us on a more flexible approach.


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