New report says business leaders need these two “c’s” to be successful

Financial competence and ruthlessness are among the least desirable qualities of a prospective leader, according to UK professionals

In order to become a successful business leader you need to have have effective communication and commitment – the two “c’s” – according to a report published today by Regus.

Polling 3,000 senior business people across the UK, 96% of respondents said they looked for good communication skills in a leader while 91% said they felt it was necessary for a business leader to have commitment to the job.

The ability to motivate staff and confidence were also ranked as desirable traits; named by 89% of those surveyed. Yet technical knowledge and ruthlessness were seen as the least attractive qualities of a leader – named by only 65% and 45% of business professionals respectively.

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Somewhat surprisingly, financial competence and innovative thinking weren’t ranked among the most desirable traits (ranked by 76% and 77%) demonstrating that staff prefer leaders that promote positive work culture over those that might have more business acumen.

Richard Morris, UK CEO at Regus, said of the research:

“While technical knowledge and financial competence certainly have a part to play, a truly great business leader is someone who knows how to make employees feel valued, who sets a positive example with actions rather than just words and who uses encouragement, rather than intimidation, to draw the best out of people.”

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