Research suggests social influencers are “the next big thing” for marketing

10% of Britons are now influenced by social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest every single day

Businesses that don’t yet have a presence on social media ought to, following new research from affilinet which found that some 10% of British consumers are now influenced by what they see on social media platforms every single day.

Polling 2,000 consumers aged 18 and over, the research also found that 36% were influenced by social media accounts – such as those on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – at least once a month, highlighting the need for businesses to incorporate social media engagement into their marketing efforts.

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Dividing the respondents by gender, the majority of both men and women said they were most likely to follow social media accounts on money saving (32% and 33% respectively).

For men, the next most popular accounts were those based around holiday and travel (25%) and politics (21%), while women favoured accounts about pets and animals (28%) and food and beverage (27%).

In order to understand what makes an account influential in the eyes of Britons, the survey then asked “What makes you consider a person or online account to be ‘influential’?” to which 36% stated that they would have to be ‘an expert on a subject’, 29% would have to ‘trust their opinion’ and 17% would need to ‘relate to their circumstances’.

11% said an influencer had to be ‘famous’ and just 9% said that they would expect an influencer to have ‘lots of followers’.

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On the findings, Helen Southgate, UK managing director of affilinet, said:

“Recently we have seen the rise of social media influencers,  similar to bloggers, but without the blogs, we can’t get enough of their Instagram accounts or Pinterest boards, their tweets and moving Facebook posts. From DIY designs and recipe ideas through to fashion inspiration and fitness techniques, these accounts are becoming our new addictions.

“Social media influencers are the next big thing when it comes to marketing. Already, we are seeing far more sponsored and promotional posts and, while there has been some backlash in certain instances, providing the sponsoring brands are relevant to the audience and authentic to the account, they are generally very well-received by the followers.”


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