Richard Reed on his proudest achievement in business [Video]

Richard Reed talks of the pride he feels for his nutritional products.

Healthy smoothie brand Innocent Drinks has grown to become an international business worth over £90m and has a major fan base behind its “all natural” products. Having built the company up from an idea started in his kitchen, there must be several proud moments for Innocent co-founder Richard Reed who’s business journey has become that of an entrepreneurial success story.

Startups’ spoke with Reed about his greatest achievement in business and what he’s most proud of as the co-owner of Innocent; “I actually really like the fact that every time you drink or eat one of our products you are nutritionally better off. You’ll have your two portions of fruit for the day or if you have one of our vegetable pots you’ll have eaten something that’s given you 100% of your fibre and three portions of vegetables.”

Discussing why this nutritional balance is so important to him, Reed continues; “I really like that what we’re making is incontestably, absolutely good for you because to me, health is the foundation in which everything in life is built upon.

Reed adds that in his opinion “you cannot be happy if you’re not healthy, you cannot get rich if you’re not healthy, you cannot have fun if you’re not healthy.”

Emphasising the business values behind Innocent, Reed adds that “the single most important thing you can do to improve the chances of being healthy is to have better nutrition.”

Suggesting that purpose is more important to Innocent than profits, Reed repeats: “I like the fact that we make stuff that is absolutely unconditionally good for you and that’s what I’m most proud of.”

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