Richard Reed on marketing campaigns for Innocent Drinks [Video]

Co-founder of Innocent Drinks, Richard Reed explains where the company's creative ideas come from

Healthy smoothie giant Innocent Drinks is as well known for its witty branding and eye-catching adverts as it is for its nutritional products with some of its best marketing evidenced in its ongoing Big Knit campaign and its recent ‘superhero smoothie’ adverts (seen below).

Innocent co-founder Richard Reed is keen to point out that the company’s marketing success has come from taking a broad approach to creative marketing campaigns. Gathering marketing ideas from a range of sources including an internal agency, the creative team at Innocent and external agencies, Reed emphasises that still to this day Innocent “have not found a way that all ideas will come from one source”.

Explaining Innocent’s approach, Reed says that the healthy smoothie brand has “worked with creative agencies right from the beginning” and that for “every creative from Innocent, be it our packaging, be it our adverts or be it a book; some if it has been written by the people here [at Innocent’s Fruit Towers] and some of it has been written by partner agencies”.

Richard Reed on marketing campaigns for Innocent Drinks

Describing how Innocent pitch for a marketing campaign, Reed continues “we’ll say here’s a new project, who’s up for having a go at it? We’ll pay for whatever we play”.

Further outlining Innocent's marketing split; Reed says that when it comes to a campaign “sometimes it’s one of the external agencies that does the work and then we’ll work with them and pay them and we’ll run that, sometimes we do it ourselves and pay our staff.”

Richard Reed on marketing campaigns for Innocent Drinks

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