Richard Reed on what he would go back and change [Video]

The Innocent Drinks co-founder reveals the mistakes that were made early on in the business

Speaking at Innocent Drinks headquarters Fruit Towers in 2011, Richard Reed, co-founder of the leading smoothie brand, looks back on the early days of starting Innocent 10 years ago and the business lessons he’s learnt in the years since.

Discussing how he wished that he had “learnt the people lessons earlier […] as they were big, important things to have got wrong”, Reed points to hiring managers and recruiting staff as one of the most integral areas to consider when starting a business.

The “one thing he would go back and change”, entrepreneur Reed says that people skills are the “basic things” of business and that if he had “read a book”, one focused at hiring and employment, he “would have got there sooner”; specifically with regards to hiring management and advisors.

Outlining his “people lessons” and business values, Reed stresses that “you have got to get [recruit] senior people with experience and never [hire] someone who does not match the values of the business”.

However after 10 successful years, Reed is keen to point out that “while there has been lots of mistakes and lots of hard work” there has “not been one second when I have regretted this business” and says that being an entrepreneur, and one third of Innocent, has “been an awesome experience”.

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