Rights Tracker on course following investment

The IP tracking company gets backing from two VCs

Rights Tracker, a developer of intellectual property rights management systems, has completed a significant funding round involving two VCs.

The company has been backed by The Creative Capital Fund and The Capital Fund, as well as gaining additional funding from angel investors. It prepared for investment by attending the gateway2investment (g2i) programme, aimed at technology companies in London. Rights Tracker’s software allows clients to make more money out of their intellectual property (IP) by maximising the licence revenue, reducing the administrative burden, and ensure efficient stewardship of company assets. IP rights and contracts are recorded and organised using Rights Tracker software, and any potential areas where rights can be exploited are identified. The product is aimed at production companies, international distributors, broadcasters, and other rights-holding organisations. “Efficiency in licensing content has consequently become critical for all IP owners.  Producers need to manage broadcast, co-production and distributor agreements, as well as pre-sales, and sub-agent agreements on part of the production,” said chief executive Ross Bentley. “When merchandising and rights for broadcast on digital platforms – such as mobile phones – are taken into account, it becomes extremely complicated to keep track of all the contractual agreements surrounding a particular show or series.” Chris Blake, investment manager at the Creative Capital Fund, added: “Rights Tracker’s innovative management of IP rights will enable more efficient use of broadcast content, ensuring the best revenues for production companies and other key programme developers. We’re delighted to be supporting this particularly creative industry by investing in Rights Tracker.” © Crimson Business Ltd. 2008


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