Sage launches cloud-based version of 50 Accounts

Latest release of leading accounting software to integrate mobile, desktop and tablet applications

Accounting software provider Sage today announced the latest release of its 50 Accounts accounting software, set to integrate cloud-based functionality into the application for the first time.

The software, available later this August, will feature what Sage called a “complete redesign”, with users able to access the application across different mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

Sage said the product’s overhaul would provide “instant access” to any ledger, reducing the time it takes to navigate to tasks by a stated 44%.

Sage 50 Accounts will also include Sage Drive cloud-based storage functionality, allowing users to access data hosted on secure cloud servers from anywhere in the world.

Other new features will include an automatic back-up manager, separate mobile sales and accounts tracker apps, and specialist product modules for functions such as online trading.

The software will be released alongside a new subscription-based pricing model, which will allow users to use the software for upwards of £25 a month alongside the existing option of purchasing a one-off license fee.

Lee Perkins, managing director of Sage UK’s start-up and small business division, said: “Sage 50 Accounts is one of the most trusted finance management packages in the UK, and today Sage has made it even better with new capabilities users will love.

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“The redesign is all about providing the best of both worlds – with a great application to run in the office, linked to the cloud, so that businesses can work online with their employees, accountant, and other partners. “


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