Sales staff ‘using sex’ to win business

Survey suggests lack of training in sales sector

Sales people are taking the old adage that ‘sex sells’ to heart, with one in three admitting they will ‘use sex’ to win a sale for the company, a new survey reveals.

The research, conducted by recruitment firm Pareto Law, claims there is a lack of training, professionalism and management skills among those responsible for sales, with one third willing to resort to using provocative or flirtatious banter to win business.

The survey suggests that men are the most likely to use sex as a sales technique with 35% stating they would consider securing business in this way, compared to 28% of women.

“The results are very concerning and show just how much pressure many sales people feel they are under to win new business,” said Jonathan Fitchew, joint managing director of Pareto Law.

“Employers need to be aware of the pressures associated with sales and provide training and support to ensure employees never feel that sex is the only option,” he added.

In addition, around 40% of sales people have forgotten a potential client’s name at a new business meeting, pointing to a need for training in this area, according to Fitchew.

“There are many skills that can be learned and developed to help enhance sales performance, with techniques to ensure sales people can win business professionally.”

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