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Samsung Galaxy S8 review

They say the iPhone X has it all - but is it really much better than the iPhone 8?

Startups rating ★★★★★(5 out of 5)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is One of the world’s most popular phones for business use – and with good reason. If you’re looking for a top battery life, stunning screen, and the crispest of business calls step this way.

Plus we’ve tracked down for our readers the best Galaxy S8 deals with the UK’s leading mobile networks in case you wanted to take this further.

pros thumbs upPROS – Vibrant display, super-fast processor, top battery life, exceptional camera, water-resistant, crystal-clear phone calls, wireless charging, face recognition

cons thumbs downCONS – Too big for some?

The S8 was one of 2017’s best sellers, and it’s easy to say why it was such a hit for small business owners.

Samsung has packed a lot into this thin device, and now it’s more affordable than ever, we at Startups couldn’t find a more worthy winner of our rare five star rating.

We like the the life-like content you get with Infinity Display. Then there’s Samsung DeX – a dream for business owners wanting to pull up your desktop anywhere.

And few phones are safer and easier to use thanks to Samsung Knox technology.


Now, onto what you came here for:

how much


Similar to the S9, but more affordable

Typical price: £629

You can read our full review on the mobile phone providers available here.

Or if you’re just after top value for money from a leading mobile network, we’ve tracked down the best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals for our readers here:


What’s it like to use?It means business
★★★★Style with substanceThe S8 has definitely got style, and is a joy to use. With this more full-screen model, you can get properly immersed in the device if you need to be.And the clean, crisp display makes for easy reading – even in strong sunlight. You can even enjoy a call quality that’ll make your clients think you’re face-to-face.Lightning fastWith the world’s first 10-nanometre processor, you’ll be powering through your work, and even the chunkiest of web pages will be fast loads on your phone.You’ll also get speedy charging. Thanks to the USB-C port (not included in the S7) you can expect around five hours’ use from just a 15-minute charge – great for how busy running your own business can be.Quality buildYou need your business phone to stay protected. That’s why the S8 is dust and water resistant, and with Samsung’s new Gorilla Glass 5 it can even stay scuff-free.Decent sizeIf you’ll be doing lots of reading work emails and web browsing, you need a decent screen size. We think 5.8″ is ideal for a business phone, but you might find it a bit chunky for single-handed use.If you’ve had an older model before, you might miss the home button. But this just allows for a more space efficient screen – and we like the new pressure sensitive area under the screen for firing it up, it’s really intuitive.

How’s the battery?It won’t let you down
★★★★★Fully-juiced, you’ll get 23.5 hours’ call time and over 10 hours surfing the web, so you won’t need to worry about your phone letting you down. Plus, now the Samsung batteries are not removable, they pretty much don’t go wrong.It’s slightly less than the Galaxy S7, but still more than enough to get you through your work days – and beyond. And with the S8, you get the nice touch of a few hours’ use for just 15 minutes of charge.How about the camera?We’ve never looked better
★★★★★Need a professional headshot? The S8 will be a game-changer – multi-frame processing takes a series of shots and combines them to get you the best shot possible, even in low lighting. And the front-facing 8MP camera will give you more impressive selfies than most.And because the future’s video, you’ll soon be the go-to for capturing near professional quality videos – for work or for play.Is it for me?Yes, if you want a premier phone at a great priceThe S8 is light and trim, and built for professionals. It gives you the best of Samsung technology with some extra bonuses like Samsung’s new Bixby personal assistant and ultra-tough Gorilla Glass 5.But if you’re not convinced, you can compare it with its rivals in our full-fat review of the Top 10 Business Mobile Phones, including the other Androids and leading iPhones.Why does the Galaxy S8 make the Startups Top 10 mobiles? It’s a great all-rounder for business owners. We found it the perfect sweet spot between most premier flagship models and cheap and cheerful alternatives.Plus now the Samsung Galaxy S8 offers everything you’ll need at a competitive price…

Want it?

We’ve found the best Galaxy S8 deals available today for you to pick:

o2 logo bt logo vodafone logo ee logo mini carphone warehouse logo
£31 /mth £44 /mth £45 /mth £43 /mth £0 /mth
£0 upfront £80 upfront £9 upfront £50 upfront £589 SIM free
choose choose choose choose choose
Online only at
View at
View at
View at
View at
OS Android 7.0 (operating system)
Weight 155 (grams)
Phone size 149 x 68 x 8 mm (millimetres)
Screen size 5.8″ (inches)
Internal memory 64 GB (gigabytes)
Screen resolution 1440 x 2960 MP (megapixels)
Rear camera 12 Mp (megapixels)
o2 logo bt logo vodafone logo ee logo mini carphone warehouse logo
£31 /mth £44 /mth £43 /mth £48 /mth £0 /mth
£0 upfront £80 upfront £9 upfront £50 upfront £589 SIM free
choose choose choose choose choose
Online only at
View at
View at
View at
View at

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Bryn Glover
Bryn Glover


As Editor of Startups, Bryn runs content strategy and our annual campaigns. A lover of small business, you can find him writing about exciting entrepreneurs and UK industry trends.

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