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Samsung Galaxy S9 review

It looks a lot like the S8 - so is this younger model worth the upgrade?

Startups rating ★★★★(4 out of 5)
The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the latest high-end smartphone from Samsung, and one of the most powerful phones on the market today. If you want a battery life to die for, super-fast processor, and the most immersive screen on an Android, it could be perfect for you.

Of course, it's not the cheapest, but if you're interested in this model, we've tracked down the best deals available today to make the S9 as affordable as possible for our readers.

pros thumbs up PROS – Beautiful design, pin-clear screen, speedy processor, non-stop battery, stellar camera, water-resistant, decent speakers

cons thumbs down – Expensive, not fingerprint-proof

After last year's hit the Galaxy S8, Samsung launched this flagship phone in February 2018 – and it's already shot right to one of the most popular buys for business owners today.

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Now, onto what you came here for:

how much


This much power doesn't come cheap

Typical price: £739

If the price tag is more than you were going for, you'd probably like the Galaxy S8 or even the Galaxy S7.

But if you are able to stretch, the S9 is still a bargain compared to the shiny new iPhone X which can cost you over £1k new – for fairly similar specs. And it comes with a free pair of AKG 50 bluetooth headphones.

What's more, we've tracked down the best value Samsung Galaxy S9 deals for you today:

o2 logo bt logo ee logo mini vodafone logo carphone warehouse logo
£49 /mth £49 /mth £53 /mth £53 /mth £0 /mth
£9.99 upfront £150 upfront £30 upfront £49 upfront £739 SIM free
choose choose choose choose choose
Save £532 at
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OS Android 8.0 (operating system)
Weight 163 (grams)
Phone size 148 x 69 x 9 mm (millimetres)
Screen size 5.8″ (inches)
Internal memory 64 GB (gigabytes)
Screen resolution 1440 x 2960 MP (megapixels)
Rear camera 12 Mp (megapixels)


What’s it like to use?

It's got it all

The most immersive Android screen

Quite simply, the S9 is stunning, though not a million miles from the S8's slick design. With both handsets, you can enjoy a near full-body screen, so even your work can be an immersive experience.

The S8, only better

Some customers didn't like how near the fingerprint sensor was to the camera in the S8, so Samsung listened and moved it in this device, keeping your lens smudge-free.

Playful types might also get a kick out of the AR (augmented reality) emoji extra, which lets you turn yourself into your very own character to share with your friends – but that one's probably not for strict business use.

You can get yours in: black, blue or purple.

Your very own PA

Samsung's phone assistant Bixby will help you with anything your business might need – you can think of Bixby like your very own assistant – and we think most small business owners can do with a helping hand.

The live translation feature will be extra handy if you take your business abroad.

Lightning fast

Thanks to a 10-nanometre processor, even the heaviest of apps and pages will load in a heartbeat.

Quality sound

If you're into your music, the S9 will be hard to beat. Samsung brought in the audio experts, and added Dolby Atmos processing to give you your very own surround sound experience, straight from your phone.

And if you like your headphones wired, you'll be delighted to find a headphone jack – now a thing of the past in some other phone models.

Ample space

If you're planning on doing a lot for your business from your phone, you won't be disappointed. With 64GB internal memory and even room to slip in a micro-SD card, you won't run out of space.

Decent size

We think 5.8 inches is the ideal size for a work phone. What's more, the aspect ratio is around twice as long as wide, meaning it's easy to hold in your hand.


How’s the battery?

Pretty much the same as the S8

This 3,000mAh battery is supposed to be one of the most reliable. It will last 23 hours' on calls or a bit under 10 hours of normal use – that's just a tiny bit shy of the S8, but there's really nothing in it.

How about the camera?

It blew us away

Like the S8, the S9 has a 12MP rear and 8MP front camera, which is more than enough for most shots.

It also has multi-frame processing, but whereas the S8 took three shots, this phone will take 12 and combine them into the perfect picture. We like how natural and stunning the colours are.

The S9 also has the smallest aperture you'll get in a smartphone – F/1.5. This means the camera lets in as much light as possible, so you'll have crystal clear shots, whatever the lighting.

And if you're into your videos, you're in for a treat. Ultra slow motion and 4K video will have you shooting like a pro.

Is it for me?

Yes, if you want it all

Simply put, the Samsung S9 is one of the best phones that exist today, hands down. It's not the cheapest but we still find it good value, especially compared with iPhones boasting comparable specs.

But if you're on a budget, you might want to check out slightly older, cheaper models like the S8 or the S7. You can read our full-fat review of these models and more in our Top 10 Business Mobile Phones page here.

Why does the Galaxy S9 make the Startups Top 10 mobiles? Because for small business owners looking for a reliable smartphone that will keep its charge, feel great in your hand, let you speed through your work, and even lend a helping hand with the Bixby assistant, it's really hard to top this one…

That's why we've found the best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals available today for you to pick:

o2 logo bt logo ee logo mini vodafone logo carphone warehouse logo
£49 /mth £49 /mth £53 /mth £53 /mth £0 /mth
£9.99 upfront £150 upfront £30 upfront £49 upfront £739 SIM free
choose choose choose choose choose
Save £532 at
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