Sandwich chain drives up growth

Mobile van shops entice entry-level entrepreneurs

Budding entrepreneurs looking to shift their business dreams into second gear can take a new route.

National sandwich chain Benjys has developed a new “vanchise” operation that is proving popular with entry-level entrepreneurs.

The Benjys Delivered network of mobile vans unfurl into a fully-fledged sandwich retail operation, and the sandwich makers have brought 114 new “vanchisees” into their fleet over the last year.

Situated generally in business parks, there are now five permanent hubs in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Portsmouth.

The vans are priced at £15,000 to entice first-time entrepreneurs, and franchisees can expect to earn between £20,000 and £60,000 per year, Benjys said.

The chain’s growth follows the appointment of nine development agents earlier in the year, who are responsible for identifying growth opportunities and recruiting suitable franchisees and store members.

Benjys has brought 36 new store franchisees into its fold, in addition to the Benjys Delivered vans.

“We now have a strong team of franchisees and development agents growing the presence of the Benjys brand both within our London base, as well as in new areas across the UK,” said Ian Rickwood, chief executive of Benjys.

“With new stores about to open in Derby, Newcastle, York and Manchester and five Benjys Delivered hubs, we now have a significant national presence.”

Further information on becoming a Benjys franchisee can be found at or by calling 0845 33 00 126.


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