Save money and the environment, small businesses urged

Small firms are being urged to recognise their importance in tackling climate change, and to realise the economic benefits of ‘going green’.

Since the Stern review and the Queen’s speech, both of which called for urgent action from the government and businesses on climate change, environmental sustainability has rocketed up the corporate agenda, says Bibby Financial Services.

However, the group is warning that many small firms believe this is an issue for large corporations only.

“It is easy to lay responsibility for change with larger companies and claim that they are the ones with the money to spend on new initiatives,” said David Robertson, chief executive at Bibby Financial Services.

“But the reality is we all have our part to play, even smaller businesses can make a difference.”

A recent Ipsos Mori poll indicates that businesses have an increased chance of success if they are environmentally aware.

It found that 86% of employees think it is important that their employer is responsible for society and the environment.

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Furthermore, 23% of employees who think that their company is environmentally aware have an increasing sense of motivation to make the company succeed, compared to just 8% where businesses are not perceived as being green.

Bibby also advises small businesses that to win public sector contracts, they need to show they follow sustainable business practices. Robertson commented: “It doesn’t have to be on a large scale or prove expensive, simple things like recycling waste, as you would at home, can make a real difference.

“Turning off lights, and switching off computers at the end of the day will not only save energy it will also save the business money.” © Crimson Business Ltd. 2006


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