Saving a seemingly lost sale

How to recognise if the sale is saveable

The art of getting a sale back is a difficult one to master. It could happen at any point, but the customer could start to backtrack during the close. Occasionally you won’t be able to save it, but by staying calm and confident you’ll heighten your chances. Remember the points that you established with the customer thus far, and briefly run through them again. Be clear and friendly and remind the customer of the benefits they will get out of the sale. Be confident in the product and the reasons that someone would want to buy it. Think on your feet to meet any objections, and take your time.

Look out for ‘buying signals’. If the buyer appears reluctant but is also indicating through what they’re saying that the product is needed, you’re still in with a chance, and you have to listen and work out what you need to offer to make your business the one to provide what they need. However, don’t be desperate! They need to want you, not the other way round.

Even when objections are raised, this isn’t necessarily a problem. This is your chance to shine by being well-prepared and being able to meet these objections. The buyers is actually showing interest through raising objections so you can steer them around to seeing benefits instead.

If things don’t go how you hoped, it’s easy to feel a blow to your confidence or be too disappointed. But the fact is that this will happen. Try and learn from it, and ask as much as you can about why you didn’t get the business. Who did you lose it to and why? Ask if you can have a chat in a few months and leave it amicably – there may be future business to go for. So record the customer’s information!


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