Scottish Independence: What will a Yes vote mean for start-ups?

We spoke to entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts across the UK to build up a picture of what Scottish independence will look like if Alex Salmond succeeds

Polling is nearing its conclusion in Scotland, with voters making perhaps the most important decision in their country’s history – whether to leave behind 307 years of shared history with the UK and go it alone.

With the polls neck and neck, exit polls show a Yes vote remains a real possibility. Much has been written about the enormous civic, political and financial implications of such a decision – but what will it mean for start-ups and small businesses across the UK?

Such a development, of course, is fraught with uncertainty. A certain amount of speculation and guesswork is inevitable as to the effect Scottish independence would have on business.

That said, Startups has gathered informed views from those in the know across the UK to provide you with a picture of what Scottish independence may look like from 2016, when ties to the union would officially be severed. Leading entrepreneurs, business leaders and academics have all offered their views on what a break-up of the Union could mean for UK business.

Read on and click the links for answers to some of the most pressing questions affecting UK enterprise.


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