Securing your server

What you need to consider to keep customer details safe

Many users will only give out personal details if the website they are using uses encryption technology. This is represented by a padlock sign on the internet browser and is provided by certification authorities such as Verisign.

In order to secure your server, you need a server ID or digital certificate, which you can get from the certification authority. Secure certificates mean all information shared between your server and the user (or in the case of e-commerce, the shopper), is encrypted so only your server can read it.

E-commerce sites will also be protected by the encryption used by payment clearance provider such as PayPal, that process credit card payments. This ensures that customer details remain secure and also mitigates liability if the worst happens.

Making sure your site is secure is vital if you want to instil confidence in your customers. If they are in any doubt that their personal information is not secure, it’s unlikely they will enter details such as credit card information on your site.



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