Seedcamp evolves into “First Round Fund” after success of €20m seed fund

London-based fund has made seed investments into 24 tech companies since launch

Since the launch of its €20m Seed Fund last year, Seedcamp has invested over €3m into 24 companies and repositioned itself as a “First Round Fund” for start-ups at the pre-seed and seed stages.

Founded in 2007, the London-based platform provides seed funding, mentorship, office space and support, with backing from more than 30 Venture Capital firms and angel investors including Index Ventures, Octopus Ventures and co-founder of Skyscanner Barry Smith.

Companies in software-as-a-service (SaaS), financial technology, marketplaces, mobile, property tech, food tech, e-commerce, hardware and cyber security have benefited from the fund, with up to €200,000 in rounds spanning from €300,000 to €2m.

As well as investment, the platform gives start-ups the opportunity to take part in Seedcamp Weeks, the bi-annual US trip, the Seedcamp Academy and Office Hours.

Through partnerships with other seed stage investors, Seedcamp has been involved in raising more than €39m in funds to date. It will continue to invest in three different ways: €75,000 for 7%, 3% as a warrant and up to €200,000 into a seed round of between €300,000 and €2m.

Reshma Sohoni, partner at Seedcamp, commented: “Over the course of the year, Seedcamp has become one of the most active investors. We are thrilled by the reception our €20m fund and the platform we have built over the past eight years has received.

“Since we announced the fund, we’ve made over 70 investments, 24 of them at seed. For these founders that are bringing Seedcamp into their start-ups, we are a life-long partner and a de facto First Round Fund for those raising a pre-seed and seed round.”

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Carlos Espinal, partner at Seedcamp, added: “Since 2007 Seedcamp’s goal has been to help founders through their journey by being the first round capital of choice. We’ve invested in almost 200 companies and helped them go from idea, to product market fit, and we’ve done this by adapting how we provide support each year, as the needs of founders evolve along with the ecosystem.”


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