The online platform making it easy to invest in start-ups

Founders: Jeff Lynn and Carlos Silva
Launched: July 2012

Founded in 2009, co-founders Jeff and Carlos spent three years working on getting authorisation from the Financial Services Authority for their start-up equity investing platform. As a result, in 2012 theirs became the first in the world to receive regulatory approval. People can now use their platform to invest up to £150,000 in early-stage start-ups in return for equity stakes, and in the four months since launch it has attracted around 8,000 users.

FSA-approval aside, Seedrs has also set itself apart from similar services by acting as the nominee shareholder on behalf of the investors. Furthermore it doesn’t charge a fee to join, to raise capital or invest. Revenue comes from the 7.5% from entrepreneurs who successfully raise all the capital they’re seeking on the site and 7.5% from the profits made from investors.

Having worked on their concept while studying for their MBAs at Oxford, the founding duo have so far raised £1.3m in funding from backers, including DFJ Esprit, Digital Prophets, angel investors and other independent supporters.


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