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Sendible: Review for small businesses

Check out its pricing, features and pros and cons here - we'll help you decide if Sendible is right for you

Here we drill into Sendible, and help you weigh it up for your small business, as part of our investigation into the best social media management tools out now.

Take a look at our rundown of the best social media management tools, or to save time just click the 60-second quote-finder above to start comparing social media management providers now.

In this article, we will help you work out:


How would Sendible suit my small business?

sendible logo
Pros – full editing features, easy-to-navigate dashboard, good value
Cons – made with freelancers in mind, small learning curve
Price from – £25/month
Value for money – ★★★★★

Sendible is a popular social media management tool that makes it easy for users to engage with their audience, monitor their brand, and track results – all from one dashboard.

This social media management tool is a pro for monitoring social engagement on multiple streams in one place. Whether you want to share, track or optimise content, Sendible has the capability to do so.

The system also integrates with a number of social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), as wells as offering direct access to GoogleDrive and Canva, to name but a few – making team collaboration easy and quick.

Sendible has a host of must-have features, especially its social listening function, which monitors keywords on social media and blogs across the internet, keeping you always in the loop. More on these below.

And here's how it looks:

sendible dahsboard


Sendible's pricing

Sendible offers a number of price plans, based on the number of users and services you require.


  • Basic reporting
  • Unlimited social scheduling
  • Keyword monitoring
  • One user
  • 12 services
  • £25/month


  • Workflows
  • Social profile grouping
  • Customisable branded reports
  • Three users
  • 48 services
  • £85/month


  • Custom workflows
  • Integrate with Bitly Pro
  • Advanced analytics
  • Seven users
  • 105 services
  • £165/month


  • API access
  • Permission groups
  • Advanced social media tools
  • 12 users
  • 192 services
  • £245/month

The number of services refers to the number of one-way interactions with a social network that are possible. For example, to post and to stream to one social media platform is two services.

The Small, Medium and Large plans include the features of the previous plan. All plans include a 30 day trial, free of charge.

Sendible also offers a fully customisable, white label solution with API access, designed for larger teams and agencies looking for a highly scalable, secure solution with the highest level of support.


Sendible’s key features

  • Priority inbox
  • Schedule posts individually or in bulk
  • Recycle evergreen content
  • Content recommendation engine
  • RSS auto posting
  • In-depth reporting
  • Connect to all major social networks


Is Sendible for me?

We recommend Sendible to any small business owners looking for an affordable, beginner's social media management platform that you can quickly get to grips with.

To see how Sendible compares to the other leading social media management tools for small businesses, you can read our full review here.

Or, for a fast and personalised comparison tool, fill in the 60-second form at the top of this page, to get quotes for social media management now.

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