Serial Papa John’s franchisee launches third pizza business

Danny Saadany secures new site with help from the pizza company’s $2m franchisee incentive

Papa John’s franchisee Danny Saadany is set to take on a bigger slice of the business, after buying his third pizza shop territory.

Saddany, who opened his first Papa John’s site in 2002 bought his third site in Tunbridge Wells shopping centre with help from the company’s 2013 incentive scheme.

Launched in February, the $2m incentive offers franchisees who launch this year a free oven and point of sale system valued at £30,000, plus a £10,000 marketing package.

Operating more than 200 UK stores, Papa John’s sells territories across the UK from £177,000 to £225,000, with key sites in Yorkshire, Manchester, West Midlands, East Midlands, South West, North East, Wales and Scotland.

Saddany will trial Papa John’s new site format, which involves selling Papa John’s pizzas from larger food courts.

Currently selling 2,500 pizzas a week, the serial franchisee is optimistic about his latest venture.

He commented: “The incentive scheme has offered an excellent opportunity to try a slightly different format and I am excited about the prospect of my next 10 years with Papa John’s.”


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