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Bespoke logo design

Have your logo designed from scratch with a bespoke service

Best for: Value for money, quality
Compromise: Speed of turnaround

What is it?

A bespoke logo design service uses professional graphic designers to create your logo from scratch. Your logo design will be created specifically according to your business requirements, which typically you will provide in the form of a detailed creative brief – via an online form, phone consultation or email. Your graphic designer will then hand-draw your logo design from scratch using advanced drawing software. Remember to check how many initial concepts you will receive for the price you pay, often there will be different packages available tailored to the amount of concepts and revisions you may require. As with custom design, one great advantage of working with trained designers as opposed to online-only services is that you'll benefit from the expertise and industry experience of a professional. Most good designers know that design is subjective! For this reason, many good bespoke logo design companies provide a variety of initial logo design choices, as a helpful starting point to discuss what you like and dislike about each. Your designer will then redraw a brand new logo design concept, encapsulating all of your feedback in one great logo. The compromises you make with a bespoke logo design service are price and speed of turnaround – after all, if you're using a trained professional, it stands to reason that their time costs a little more and the designs are more carefully produced. However, you can still find a great bespoke design service from £75 – the same price as some custom logo design services!

Price: £75-plus.
Value for money: Very good. Reasonable cost for trained professional expertise.
Quality of the design: High quality professional design that is 100% original.
Contact with designer: Yes – you'll be able to liaise with your designer throughout the design process.
Speed: Initial concepts two-three days, revisions any time under three days.
Ease of ordering process: Fairly simple.
Ease of creation process: You will be expected to create a brief which can take time but importantly you will remain in control of all design decisions.

The verdict:

Using a bespoke logo design service will ensure your signature look is like no other currently in use. Your logo is hand-drawn from scratch and is therefore 100% original. This sends the very important message to your customers that your business not only has a strong future, but also provides a quality service themselves. If you can afford to spend that little bit more, and don't need an instant logo, it's worth the investment. In addition, your logo design will have sprung from a combination of your graphic ideas as well as a detailed explanation of what your business does – meaning it won't be based on loose industry associations or clichéd graphics. You should expect flexibility with a choice of initial designs, and control to tweak them one on one with your trained professional designer. A good choice for a company who wants to create a lasting brand, without the agency cost.

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