Sharpcards gets £1.5m for new application

The mobile phone greeting cards company is backed by Seraphim Capital

Sharpcards, which is pioneering a form of mobile greeting cards, has received £1.5m from a government-backed investment fund for a new application.

The mobile content company has received equity finance from Seraphim Capital, a £30m enterprise fund.

Formed in 2000, Sharpcards has already sold three million ‘cards’ which are in fact a mixture of pictures, animations or video clips.

The company also has deals in place with 19 of the world’s leading mobile operators as well as relationships with the greeting card industry.

It estimates that the average person in the UK already purchases 55 greeting cards per year and that 30% of mobile users are already using picture messaging. However, now the company is in the latter stages of developing an application that will be pre-installed directly onto the mobile phone when it is manufactured.

This application will be integrated with the phone’s messaging system, making it as easy to send a mobile greeting card as it is to send a text message.

With the funding in place the company now anticipates roll-out to take place by Christmas.

Will Walsh, chief executive at Sharpcards, said: “We are delighted to have closed the £1.5m funding round.

“This investment will enable Sharpcards to accelerate the rollout of its handset application around the world offering customers a truly useful and simple messaging solution.

“We are very excited about the contacts within the mobile industry that Seraphim are capable of introducing us to.”

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